So you're new to this? You have no clue what to expect right?


If you're expecting to get autographs, GET THERE EARLY, about 1 hour to 30 minutes before park opening. If you are a Disney hotel guest, the park may let you in around 30 minutes before official opening.

NOTE: 2004 will be featuring a FASTPASS system, instead of wristbands.

If you plan to participate in the Trivia contest, SIGN UP early in the morning (preferably after getting your wristbands), as they only allow 50 players a day. Sign up booths are on the way to Star Tours.

If you can, STAY at a Disney Resort. It is much easier to get up in the morning, and you get some advantages (see notes above).

BRING MONEY! You won't know how important that is until you get there!

BRING FILM! Another must...

PREPARE FOR HEAT!!! You know the hell of Amusement Parks? Just because this is Disney doesn't make it any different!

DO WACKY STUFF that will get you noticed. (not necessarily getting in a fight or anything) but do unusual stuff like wearing your hair in princess leia buns or painting your face like Darth Maul. There are not many people who do this, and it will get you noticed by not only the stars but other fans.

NOTE: You can also bug the stormtroopers at the Q&A sessions. Not only is it fun, but it draws attention ;)

GO TO THE BATHROOM often. You never know who you'll see while coming out of there... (I bumped into Carrie Fisher and her "bodyguards"). Also, at the bathrooms across from Star Tours, watch near the Star Tours "green" doors, and you might get a glimpse at the stars while entering their "Secret Areas."

GET GOOD SPOTS AT THE MOTORCADE. Pictures are hard to get so make sure to get good spots where you're not stuck behind some lady who stands in the middle of the parade route, blocking good Kodak moments.

VISIT other parts of the park. The park itself has a lot of neat stuff, so don't just stay around the Star Wars area.

Keep TRACK OF TIME! Make sure to analyze and study the events and times so you won't miss out on anything special!

Expect to get JEALOUS! Some Star Wars Freaks there will have the coolest collectibles ever. KEEP CALM and don't attack!

Well, the show and ride lines are usual but if you want to buy Star Wars Souvenirs at Tatooine Traders BE PREPARED! It can take up to 1 hour to check out, if not more! (We came up with the theory that the best time to buy stuff is during the motorcade and QandA session but I wouldn't miss that...)

NOTE: Best times to visit Tatooine Traders are RIGHT after presentations such as the Q&A session, and the Disney parade in the afternoon (NOT THE STAR WARS PARADE AT NOON, since it ends right next to the store).

For some rides, you can use Disney FAST PASS. Visit our TICKET INFO page for more information.

NOTE: This system will ALSO be used for autographs, so please get acquainted with it!

WAIT UNTIL 7pm to ride STAR TOURS. The lines take about 2 minutes to get through since everyone is leaving.

If you're an INDIANA JONES fan, and want to go to the stunt show, try to get there early so that you can become an extra!

So far, those are all the tips we have (and can give away). :) If you have any, please contact us.